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Mortgage Violation Prosecution Strategies

Our business is to provide “benefit to borrower” in the form of incontrovertible Court Discovery that requires your mortgage servicer to negotiate new, fair, and equitable mortgage terms and acknowledge the futility of any illegal foreclosure action. Our success rate is perfect. We don’t lose.

No homeowner has been summoned to court for any Mortgage Violations case we have researched. Being summoned to District Court is not something any mortgage servicer has ever been willing to risk. Risking a Contempt of Court charge by a Federal Court judge is not a decision that any bank corporate officer relishes. Good sense prevails. This is NOT a re-finance.  

- Net Present Value for new mortgage value (Calculate your NPV at Zillow.com or get a BPO)
- 2% APR
- 360-480 month term

500 Discovery for Mortgage Violations processed and re-negotiated. We have THE superior performance record.

Pre-Audit for Mortgage Violations
This is our preliminary pre-requisite qualification research based on five years of experience and success in our mortgage violation business. Our pre-audit tells us which product is best for your mortgage violation negotiation. $295

Our pre-audit consists of researching a Voluntary Lien Report (Title) on your property through your County Clerk’s office to verify all documents that have been recorded against the property. It also contains a check to verify if MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System) was used and an ABS Net report to verify whether or not the property was securitized by the Investor. If it has been, it provides the name(s) of the investor(s) & name of the Trust, along with a file check for possible ROBO-signing (Foreclosure-gate). We’ll include a summary page indicating the type of report that is recommended.

Call me or submit the contact form below for our Data Input Sheet. We’ll need .pdf copies of your mortgage note, mortgage deed, and monthly mortgage billing statement.  Get your MIN/MERS# from your monthly mortgage payment coupon. If you need the MERS website URL to research your MIN#, please email me and I’ll send it to you. I’d be thrilled to send a specific sample of any of the products listed below after we’ve processed your pre-audit.

REST Property Solutions Report

The REST Property Solutions Report is the same software used by the 86 biggest banks that accepted TARP money. The REST PSR is intended to be an impartial loan disposition analysis support tool for firms assisting home owners with work- out solutions. This includes entities processing mortgage loss mitigation, short sales, bankruptcies, foreclosure defense, and credit counseling solutions. The REST Property Solutions Report derives and presents multiple permanent loss mitigation terms as well as Short Sale options affordable to the borrower while still providing the lender with the highest possible return on their investment. The PSR is a court-ready product $895

Full Findings SEC Package

“Just the Facts” If we don’t get a response from our inquiry then a Full Findings Audit is required. The “at a glance” format provides us mortgage violations data without the “fluff” and miscellaneous information not pertaining to your mortgage violations. It utilizes the power of asset-backed securities surveillance with the industry’s leading source.  Our software is backed by the individual research of experienced securitization specialists. Positively identify your note and associated collateral actively trading in a specific trust. Findings include interactive hyperlinks pertaining to your specific trust that link directly to the Securities Information from the SEC EDGAR® database. It identifes the true owner of said note and their standing as an entity. $995.00

Destroy the standing of the servicing company that is attempting to foreclose on you, the homeowner. View “at a glance” the numerous CUSIP numbers a homeowner’s note trades as, and the fractionalized separate accounting entities deposited into individual classes – All of this is published in a format that does not require a Harvard MBA to interpret.  Documents that a homeowner’s note is actively trading as a mortgage backed security.

Full Findings SEC Package Contains: SEC Pro Analysis: An in-depth report that follows the chain of transfer of the note and security instrument through the securitization process, includes trust information, SEC hyperlinks to Pooling & Servicing Agreement, Prospectus, 10-K information, MERS Report:

· Voluntary Liens Report
· CUSIP Report
· Robo-Signature Check
· Mortgage Auditor’s Brief

Court Ready Package 

Our most comprehensive report for unparalleled litigation support! Your mortgage must get a response to our official inquiry to allow completion of our Court Ready Package. $1295.00

Complete court ready securitization audit covering chain of title, proof of securitization, REMIC, true sale, holder in due course, CUSIP ID’s, credit support/default swaps, direct links to trust including certificates issued, assets, pooling and servicing agreement, prospectus, MERS as beneficiary – Security Instrument/Assignment/DOT/Mortgage, governing law, transfers and parties, trace of endorsements, robo signature trace of forgery and flaws in the foreclosure process. Each report includes exhibits containing QWR returned documents used for auditing and laws pertaining to fraud found in audit, as well as expert witness affidavit with jurat. 

It includes:
· Proof of Securitization
· REMIC-True Sale-Holder in Due Course
· Steps to Location of Named Trust
· ABS Net Screen Captures
· Pool Performance Data
· Triggers
· Credit Support/Default Swaps
· Direct Links to Trust
· Certs Issued
· Assets
· Pooling and Servicing Agreement
· Prospectus
· MERS as Beneficiary
· Security Instrument
· Assignment
· DOT/Mortgage
· Chain of Title
· Governing Laws, Transfers and Parties
· Trace of all Endorsements
· Robo-Signing Trace of Forgery
· Flaws in Foreclosure Process
· Auditor’s Affidavit with Jurat and applicable Exhibits included.

Fraud Examiner Review of audit file

(mortgage violations case review)   Pre-requisite for Full Audit. Trace of the ownership history of the subject Mortgage including gaps in the chain of title between the originating lender and the current owner of a mortgage loan, whether there was fraud or a break in the chain of title, and, if a loan is in foreclosure, whether there are flaws in the foreclosure process.  Please call or email me and I’ll send you the sterling credentials of this Certified Fraud Examiner. Please allow 10 business days to prepare. Not available for RUSH Service. If there are more findings when the auditor reviews, your file could go to a Full Findings. Price is quoted after Pre-audit.

Certified Fraud Examiner Verified Affidavit
Summarizes both forensic and securitization fraud found in audit of loan documents. Includes jurat and exhibits. Intended as Discovery for prosecution of mortgage violations in court. Cost is quoted by CFE after Pre-audit. Please allow 30 business days to prepare. Not available for RUSH Service. All affidavit service requires case review prior to preparation of this court document.

Mortgage Violation Discovery Combinations

Some mortgage violations are so convoluted they require a combination of solutions to get the mortgage terms cited above. You need to be aware of all the possibilities so there are no surprises. Do the math using the formula cited above and evaluate which strategies benefit you. Understand that we didn’t perpetrate your mortgage violations, we just succeed.  The combinations are specified in our pre-audit:

a) REST Property Solutions Report & Full Findings Combination:
(2 and 3 described above.) - $1495
For 2014 this is the most expedient package; but again, our pre-audit and your MIN/MERS # determines which product is most appropriate. We provide success and results; not upsell.

b) REST Property Solutions Report & Court-Ready Package Combination: 
(2 and 4 described above.) - $1795

Qualified Written Request

A Qualified Written Request is a polite/legal inquiry into mortgage violations on your mortgage. Not all QWR letters succeed. I have a proven QWR template. Call or submit the form below and I’ll set one up for you. It’s free.

Mortgage Modification

I don’t process mortgage modifications anymore. The Home Affordable Mortgage Plan is not being enforced. You’ll get the same or better mortgage terms (for the same investment) with our Discovery for Mortgage Violations anyway. The National Board of Realtors estimates that 98% of the mortgages written since 1998 have prosecutable mortgage violations. Mortgage modifications were only for 5-8 years. (Again, your inquiry starts with our Pre-audit.)

Securitization Audit and Forensic Loan Audit
We can supply these, but don’t advise them. They are passe/old news.  Forensic Audit necessitates your entire original closing documents package. What a hassle. $495

Credit Restoration
Ask me about Credit Restoration. I’ll help there, too.

Please Click Here for the most current news about Mortgage Violations, Securitization Audits, Forensic Loan Audits, Property Solution Reports, Auditor Case Review, Certified Fraud Examiner, Fraud Examiner and Mortgage Modification. There’s a reason why we are perfect in our negotiation record.

This YouTube video is dated, but still explains the Broken Chain of Title, quiet title, clear title, try title, cloud on title remedy. It’s a lot easier to update a blog than to do videos.

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